Staking Rewards – DeFi Smart Pool

Coin Coin Name Deposit Address Deposit Memo Network APY
USDT USD Tether 0xeb9318756f1eeccd7a76deca74f5d479e31833e6 ERC20 23,81%
USDT USD Tether bnb136ns6lfw4zs5hg4n85vdthaad7hq5m4gtkgf23 106570114 BEP2 23,81%
DAI DAI 0xeb9318756f1eeccd7a76deca74f5d479e31833e6 ERC20 22,94%
DAI DAI bnb136ns6lfw4zs5hg4n85vdthaad7hq5m4gtkgf23 106570114 BEP2 22,94%
FIL Filecoin f1wtjt5zupqevg4frjc323awcgtphrtbeqqs6jvta FIL 31,22%
FIC Filecash f1drus6a5a5iamecpaebaxfrag7enduyirl467jza Filecash 33,19%
1Inch 1Inch 0x75768dd84d9cc26041a98ce2ee041cb8cd7f39b8 ERC20 27,55%
HFI Hecofi 0x75768dd84d9cc26041a98ce2ee041cb8cd7f39b8 HECO 34,13%

Attention: Below guidance notes are important:

* US clients and other clients in other countries listed on our website are not permitted.
* Any amount of coins can be deposited to a maximum of $200 for unverified clients and $25,000 for verified clients
* Staking period is 30-day notice. Withdraw anytime with profits giving 30-days notice
* Once deposited, email your Username and TRX ID to