Who is WorldGilt?
What is Bitcoin Mining?
What is Cloud Mining?
If I have other questions, how do I contact you?
What must I do to become a client of WorldGilt?
Why is Bitcoin Trusted?
What are the advantages of Bitcoin?
What mining hardware do you use?
Which coins do you mine?
What are my Leasing Risks?
What is WorldGilt profit payouts?
What influences my income and outputs?
What is the daily maintenance expenses?
Who pays the bitcoin network miner fees?
What is the amount I can withdraw from my WorldGilt Wallet?
Can I spend a fraction of a bitcoin?
How can I change my personal information on my account?
What to do if I forgot my password?
Where are my currency balances kept on your systems?
What can I do with my WorldGilt Wallet?
How can I pay?
When do I get my daily payouts?
How secure is my Wallet and Bitcoins?
How much time before my Bitcoins arrive in my Wallet?
What payment methods are available?

Do I need a PayPal account to use your system?
What is your Refund Policy?
Mining Contracts
What am I Leasing?
How long do contracts last?
Is it possible to mine different contracts at the same time?
Shorted Contracts
What is shorted contracts?
When can I resell my contract if I needed to?
What determines the price of a shorted contract?
How long does it take to receive payment for a shorted contract?
When does the price change for shorted contracts?
Can I make a profit from shorted contracts?
How does SwiftMarkets make its profits?
Why does SwiftMarkets only allow small trades?
What is SwiftMining?
How does SwiftMining differ from SwiftMarkets?
How does Swiftmining differ from Cloud Mining?
How does SwiftMining pay out?
What is the payout frequency of SwiftMining?
Lending Programme
What is the Lending Programme?
What Premium Rates do I get?
How are Earned Returns repaid?
Where are Earned Returns repaid?
How do I Top-Up my Wallet so I can Lend?
Do you offer bounty rewards?